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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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American Muslim

Protest against police brutality in San Francisco

An event was held in San Francisco on August 17th 2003 to protest against police brutality. The event was organization by October 22 Coalition to stop police brutality, repression and criminalization of our generation, the Anthony Baez Foundation and the National Lawyers’ Guild under the title: Stolen Life Project.The event marked the birthday of Idriss Stelly, 23, who was shot and killed by the police in San Francisco on June 13, 2003.Ms. Samina Faheem, Executive Director of the American Muslim Voice, thanked Ms. Rita, organizer of the event and Ms. Mesha, mother of Idriss for inviting her. “I am very sorry that we met under these circumstances. I am a mother too and I can understand your pain. I am so proud of Mesha and all the other mothers and fathers who have lost their children by police brutality but have made something positive from the personal tragedy. They are helping others to deal with the grief. You have my support and admiration for your courage.”

She said: The American Muslim Voice will stand by you and would work with you to achieve justice to make America a place where all of us have equal rights and fair treatment. If we want safety and security in America, then we must treat everyone with respect, dignity and love. If we focus on humanity then there will be no brutality. There would be peace in our world. There would be no injustice as Martin Luther King Jr. said: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where.

“Let us stand together and support each other. Goal of the AMV is to bridge the gap between the communities. We honor your struggle to fight for your civil rights.  As you know since 9/11, Muslims and Arabs have been targeted communities. Please join us for our common struggle for justice for all,” Ms. Samina Faheem concluded.