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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Blue Triangle Network joins American Muslim Voice in condemning Congressman King’s inflammatory remarks against American Muslims

Blue Triangle Network in conjunction with American Muslim Voice denounces the hate filled, inflammatory remarks against Muslim Americans by Congressmen Peter T. King on the  Sean Hannity nationally-syndicated radio program on February 9th, 2004. In language reminiscent of anti-Japanese American rhetoric of the 1940s and German anti Jewish propaganda of that same period, the Congressman said that the vast majority of American Muslim community leaders are "an enemy living amongst us” and that "no (American) Muslims are cooperating" with law enforcement officials to combat terrorism. He further added: "I would say, you could say that 80-85 percent of mosques in this country are controlled by Islamic fundamentalists”. 

Congressman King’s baseless and unsubstantiated remarks are more than the ravings of an ignorant crank, speaking as he is from a government which has already imprisoned, brutalized, harassed, deported and traumatized thousands upon thousands of people because of the  religion they practice or the region they come from.   Since   9/11/2001, a tragedy roundly condemned by large numbers of American Muslim leaders, the government has set loose a hurricane of repressive measures justified by the lie of the “enemy within”.   Congressman King has added his bit of bigotry to an ugly repertoire lies and fictions.   Blue Triangle Network joins American Muslim Voice in calling upon all people of conscience in condemning these statements.

Action Requested

  • Please call upon Congressman King to retract his inflammatory remarks. It is unbecoming of an elected representative to make such xenophobic remarks.
  • Please call the radio station that hosted Sean Hannity’s program on which Congressman King made his inflammatory remarks and ask them invite Muslim community leaders on their program to address Congressman King’s baseless allegations.
  • Contacts:

Congressman Peter T. King
436 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
202 - 225 - 7896

Congressman Peter T. King
1003 Park Boulevard
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
516 - 541 - 4225

Sean Hannity’s radio station: Call 1-800-941-SEAN (7326), or write to Program Director Phil Boyce at phil.boyce@abc.com

This statement was originally drafted by the San Francisco Chapter of the Blue Triangle Network.


Please reply to: NationalOffice@bluetriangle.org
Blue Triangle Network