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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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American Muslim

  Phone:  650-387-1994    Email: amvoice@amuslimvoice.org   Website: www.amuslimvoice.org

3rd Annual Convention
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Heroes


Morning Session

Master of Cermony                    AMV Board Member Adeel Iqbal

11: 00   Registration and social time  and meet the press

11: 30   Recitation of Quran       
Hadia Malik

11: 35   Welcoming remarks       AMV team

11:40     Program Overview         AMV N. California Director Shahid Chaudhry

11:45     Do you know what to do, if the FBI knocks at your door?
Stacy Tolchin is an immigration attorney who monitors post-Sept. 11 legislation and agency actions.

12:00    Sana Jubayli - American Lebanese citizen recently rescued from Lebanon will share her

12: 10   Bob Watada,  father of the Lt. Ehren Watada, who is the first commissioned U.S. military officer to publicly
            refuse orders in support of the illegal Iraq War.

12:25     Lunch,  entertainment and acceptance of resolutions.
Presentation of resolutions from public officials.



                           Spoken words,                           
Rima chaudhry

   Truth will set you free                Sohaib Malik

1:15      Call to Prayer                                             Adnan Iqbal

Afternoon Session

Master of ceremony                      Omar Khan, Founder, Executive Producer of Jaeza

1:30     Interfaith Opening Ceremony
Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist

1:40     Muslim life in America and why so many Muslims are so quiet?
Personal testimony of Haleema and her family.

1:55     New challenges to civil liberties.
  Shirin Sinnar, is Board Member of The Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers.

2:10     Should we legalize profiling in the name of security?
  Walter Riley, Attorney at Law

2:25     DVD of personal testimonies of the Japanese Americans
 From the Second World War and Muslim  testimonies  post  9/11.

2:40    Is there a parallel between then ( 2nd World War) and now?
           Grace Shmizuis the director of the Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project.

2:50    Global peace building efforts and the role you can play.
Dot Maver, is Executive Director of Peace Alliance

3:05    Power Point presentation about AMV/ AMV-Foundation
           AMV Operations Director Reshma Yunus

            AMV's Community Involvement, Empowerment and Advancement Plan
   Khalid Saeed, National President of  AMV
3:30      People's Choice Award Ceremony
Presenters. Nancy Ruzicka, Mr. & Mrs Inamdar,  Dr. Waheed Siddiqee, Firdos Kamran, Saleem
            Mastan, Asiya Iqbal, and Khursheed Chaudhry.

3: 45     Fund Raiser

Featured Speakers
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Heroes

4:00           John and Bev Titus,  global peace builders, are the parents of Alicia Titus, a 28 year old flight attendant killed on United Air Lines Flight 175 on September 11, 2001. They are members of September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, an advocacy organization founded by family members of victims of the September 11th attacks on the United States. 

4:20           Azim N. Khamisa is the father of Tariq Khamisa who was murdered in January of 1995.  He is the founder of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF). Mr. Khamisa reached out in forgiveness to the grandfather and guardian of his son’s killer, Mr. Ples Felix..  He has committed his life to defeating the continuing cycle of violence among youth.       

4:40         Vote of Thanks    
AMV Outreach Director Mr. Mrs. Z.  Mohsin

               Book Signing        by Azim Khamisa

Limited seating. Please purchase your ticket today

When: Sunday August 20th, 2006 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

Where: Chandni Restaurant, Mowry School Road, Newark, CA 94560

Ticket price: $ 25:00 includes lunch

Special request: Could you please enrich this event by dressing in your traditional clothing?  

We are very grateful for your support and friendship. Looking forward to see you.The AMV Team            

For more information or to purchase a ticket please call:

Khalid Saeed - 530-383-0959 Shahid Chaudhry – 916-714-5964
Reshma Yunus - 510-206-8158 Nosheen Khan – 530-228-1421
Mr. & Mrs. Mohsin – 408-946-6199 Adeel Iqbal – 510-366-7770
Farhan Anwar – 530-383-1663 Riaz Ahmed – 530-219-1900
Usman Sadiq– 530-315-4907 Samina F. Sundas - 650-387-1994

or  visit  www.amuslimvoice.org

AMV- Foundation is committed to form global partnerships to create a culture of peace, acceptance, mutual respect and harmony in the world.

About American Muslim Voice: We are a grassroots, nonviolent, very inclusive, civil, immigrant and human rights organization building alliances and genuine partnership with like minded groups and individuals to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for ALL. Our goal is to bridge the gap between all communities