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American Muslim

Daily Democrat of Woodland - Friday, December 5, 2003

American Muslim voice welcomes end of program

Khalid Saeed, of Woodland and Northern California director of American Muslim Voice, a civil liberties organization, praised Bush administration's decision to end the special registration program that primarily targeted men from 24 Muslim countries.

"This will relieve thousands of Muslims, Arabs and South Asians and their families, who are loyal American," He said.

Samina Faheem Sundas, the AMV executive director, said we welcome the government's decision to end the special registration program that will no doubt bring relief to thousands of people.

"This is a miracle I have been praying for. End of registration will relieve thousands of Muslims, Arabs and South Asians and their families. I welcome the end of the registration program which is the first step in the right direction."

Four months ago with the support of Blue Triangle Network, Sundas began to raise awareness nationally that all registrants from 24 countries would be required to re-register annually.

In June 2003, the AMV, along with several other civil rights groups, initiated an intensive campaign against the special registration with a demonstration in San Francisco against the detention of 13,000 people who went for registration. The AMV officials also met with congressmen urging them to demand an end to the registration program that is discriminatory, unjust and unfair. A campaign to write letters to congressmen in this respect was also launched.