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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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American Muslim

Light the night for hope

Please join us for an overnight interfaith vigil and fundraiser to benefit the survivors of the South Asian earthquake. It wasn’t in God’s plan for us to save the 90,000 lives this devastating earthquake claimed. But there is strength in numbers and together we can raise hope for the 3.5 million survivors who are all in desperate need of insulated tents and clothing to shield them from the harsh, cold winter ahead.

 We will not be able to fully comprehend their pain and helplessness by spending one night in mild winter weather  but we can certainly create a better understanding of their plight. 

Let the flames from our candles light up the night sky brightly, showing the world that hope still means hope in every faith and in every color. 

Please join us to show solidarity with the victims. 

Where: Palo Alto Civic Center, 250 Hamilton Ave

When: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005. Time: 9pm 

This vigil will be followed by a press conference held on Wednesday, November 23rd at 11 am.  

Sponsored by Multi-faith Voices for Peace & Justice, Santa Clara County Council of Churches, Local United Nations and American Muslim Voice 

We will have an interfaith memorial service for Samina ‘s beloved mom at 9 PM who passed away in Pakistan after struggling with cancer for three years. 

Please send us an email and visit our websites to Co- sponsor and learn more about "global week of giving".

 South Asia Earthquake Action Item Alert

Please be an active citizen and humanitarian by helping those in need today. Below are a few action items you can start with. Every bit of effort counts!

  1. Ask President Bush to send more aid as soon as possible to the victims of this tragedy. Compared to the $50 million President Bush has committed to aid, Muslim countries of the world donated over $1 billion in relief aid funding for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Six million American Muslims contributed over 10 million dollars for the victims of Katrina and are involved in rebuilding efforts.
  2. Please involve everyone you can in this life saving effort. Donate generously, and ask others at your schools, businesses, or places of worship to do so as well. This is a humanitarian issue that transcends race, religion, and all other distinctions. We are all of one and the same human family.
  3. For “Global week of giving” we have set a goal of $100,000 from our area. I know my city alone can achieve that goal if they understood the need and urgency.
  4. Please join us for an overnight vigil, prayers from all faiths and fundraiser. If you are unable to attend please organize a fundraiser at your place of worship during the" Global week of giving" This will send a message to the victims that they are not forgotten.
  5. At this point the struggle is simply to meet bare necessities for the victims of the earthquake. Shelter, food, warm clothing, and medical treatment are all goals we can attain should we work together for this cause. Monetary donations help to provide all of these things. If you would like to donate directly please write a check to “Islamic Relief” and bring it with you or mail it to:

           American Muslim Voice
                     39675 Cedar Blvd, Suite 295-D
Newark, CA 94560

  • Please visit our website for updates and information about long-term rebuilding efforts. Point your browsers to: