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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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American Muslim

Urgent message to Muslims and Arabs 

I have been told that while the response from other communities have been great the consultants have not heard anything from Muslim and Arab communities. It is crucial that we share our concerns and opinion about the rising anti- immigrant policies in our country. The Patriot Act, The Victory Act, The Clear Act and The Real ID Act are few of the examples. There are over sixty organizations working nationwide on this project. AMV is one of them.

 Please fill out the form as soon as possible and email back to me. We need to let our voices be heard. AMV is working on immigrant issues closely with other groups in nationwide efforts and in Santa Clara County. Please help us to be able to serve you and your needs better by taking a few minutes of your time to complete this survey.

Samina F. Sundas
samina_faheem@yahoo.com    Phone: 650-387-1994

“Raising Immigrant Voices for Dignity & Justice”
2005 National Immigrant Community Consultation
for Immigration Reform and Human Rights

 Dear participant in "Raising Immigrant Voices for Dignity and Justice," 2005 Immigrant Community Consultation for Immigration Reform and Human Rights:

We are a few weeks into the consultation initiative and here is some great news. To date, there have been almost 2000 responses to the poll. From Baltimore to Oakland, Miami to Jersey City, immigrants around the country are letting their voices be heard during these important times. Participating organizations have been conducting the consultation at temple worship, veterans meetings, house meetings, and through door-to-door canvassing.

***Please note that due to the wonderful response to this initiative, the consultation deadline has been extended! Please continue to send your reports through the summer! We will be announcing early results of the poll in mid-May, so please keep us informed of your progress.****

Keep up the great work. Good luck!

Warm regards,
Chris Punongbayan
May 3, 2005








I don’t know


Do you think undocumented immigrants, including those who have overstayed their visas, should have a path to permanent residence?





Do you believe that any type of temporary or guest worker program should also include access to permanent residence for those who choose to apply?





Visa applications for immediate family members of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents are currently backlogged for many years. In order to reunite families more quickly, do you believe these visa applications should be processed immediately?





Do you think that national immigration reform should include deportations, erasion's of civil liberties, less access to a judge, and harsher restrictions for refugees and asylum seekers?





Do you believe that national immigration reform should allow local and state police to enforce immigration laws and continue militarizing the border to stop and arrest immigrants?





Do you think that U.S. immigration laws and policies should follow safeguards and protections of international human rights standards?