Fostering friendships among all Americans

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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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American Muslim

Inter-Community Action Alliance

WE R ONE/Inter Community Action Circle came together out of a need and desire to oppose the unjustified attacks on Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians. The growing and intensifying assault by the government, including the FBI spying on Mosques, programs like INS Special Registration, secret detentions and deportations, Patriot Act, arrest under secret evidence, vilification and hate crimes all demand the need for a more active interaction.

While acknowledging the importance and heartening work of many interfaith networks in the Bay Area and across the country, We propose not only to dialog and learn from each other, but to work together to build a community of resistance to injustice and create a culture of hope. It can be achieved by understanding, acceptance, mutual respect and celebrating our diversity. We would like to take the next step to form friendships and life-long relationships with all communities, so in difficult times we can be supportive of each other. 

We draw inspiration and guidance from the movements in the past such as the Underground Railroad, the Sanctuary movement of the 1980s, the resistance to Prop 187, etc.  in which people took risks to defend communities being demonized and persecuted. We must challenge ourselves and challenge others to rise to the occasion and move beyond symbolic gestures of support to real inter community connections. Together we can reclaim our country and what we stand proud of--our freedom and constitutional rights for all.

Samina Faheem

August 4, 2003

WE R ONE is a result of our mission and goal to build coalitions with other communities.

Currently there are about 45 members Representatives of different groups. We would like you to join this group.