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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Campaign against the INS Special Re-registration

In June 2003, the AMV and Blue Triangle Network, initiated an intensive campaign against the Special registration and re-registration program endorsed by over 40 nationwide immigrant rights, civil rights, peace & justice and faith groups with a demonstration in San Francisco against the detention of 13,000 people who went for registration. The AMV officials also met with congressmen urging them to demand an end to the registration program that is discriminatory, unjust and unfair. A campaign to write letters to congressmen in this respect was also launched.

On Nov. 19th, 2003, the American Muslim Voice, the Blue Triangle Network and Pakistan American Alliance, with the support of 40 other civil rights groups held a rally and press conference to stop the special registration outside the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Francisco.

On December 1st 2004, the Homeland Security Department announced that it is suspending part of the INS Registration program ( re-registration ). We accomplished our first big victory.

AMV Hot line  Since January 2002, Ms. Samina Faheem Sundas, AMV/PAA Executive Director was coordinator of the  only Muslim hotline operated 24/7 to help those affected by the INS special registration as thousand of Pakistanis and Muslims, who went for INS Registration.

The American Muslim Voice established a new hot line (1-866-490-8900) in August 2003.  The AMV hot line helps those who are victims of racial profiling, FBI roundups and hate crimes.

 Case of the Ameen Brothers: The AMV, the PAA and the ACLU of N. California held a news conference in San Francisco in June 2003 with two young brothers who came forward to describe their experiences after voluntarily participating in the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)’s controversial Special Registration Program. The two brothers, one of whom is a 17-year-old teenager still in high school, were placed in deportation proceedings. The 17-year-old and his 19-year-old brother, who is attending college, have been in the U.S. with their mother for several years and do not have any immediate family in Pakistan.

 Extention Granted: Through extensive coverage on the media and a campaign to call the Homeland Security offices we were able to get a visa extension for both brothers. 

The AMV is actively taking part in the nationwide campaign against the Patriot Act that was passed by the congress without much discussion in the aftermath of  the 9/11 tragic attacks. Many of its provisions violate the constitution and infringe on our civil liberties. The AMV Executive Director, Ms. Samina Faheem Sundas, has personally assisted two counties and eight cities in passing the resolution against the Patriot Act. She is continuously working to assist other communities, providing the Muslim representation. The AMV has prepared a guide on how to move and pass a resolution against the Patriot Act by the City Councils and other civil bodies.

 Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights 

AMV is advocate on behalf of Muslims, Arabs and South Asians . Ms. Samina F. Sundas has become a key spokesperson, for over a year. She has been invited to speak at various engagements regarding the effect of the new laws aimed at the war on terror. She was asked to be a moderator at the 2003 Amnesty International nationwide Racial Profiling Hearings in Oakland, CA.

 She also have been speaking at various events at  ACLU, Blue Triangle Network, Justice for New Americans, National Lawyers Guild, National Conference of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. A.N.S.W.E.R. and dozens of other organizations.  She had conducted  workshops for Global Exchange/ Code pink 1: USA Patriot Act and its affects on Muslims, Arabs and South Asians. 2: Building solidarity with Muslim and Arab women. 

 Ms. Samina F. Sundas continues to work tirelessly on the front lines challenging the policies such as the Patriot Act, Secret Evidence, Clear Act, Victory Act and INS Special Registration.

 Police Practices 

In 2003, following the tragic death of Cau Tran, the AMV and a wide range of the other organizations and individuals formed the Coalitions for Justice and Accountability to advocate for Justice for Cau Tran. She was shot and killed by a police officer as she stood in her kitchen with a Vietnamese vegetable peeler.

 Human relations commission of Santa Clara county and Siren, a immigrant rights organization honored the Justice & Accountability  for its excellent community service.

 Ms. Samina F. Sundas , spoke at the October 22nd annual rally against police brutality in San Francisco.  African Americans and Latinos have been a target for racial profiling for decades. By acknowledging, honoring their plight, standing by them against police brutality and speaking on their behalf we were able to form strong friendships with them. If we like others to support us then we must offer help to them first.

 Educating the fellow Americans about the plight of American Muslims

The AMV is actively engaged in educating the fellow Americans on how the Patriot Act, INS Special Registration, clear act, victory act, arrests under secret evidence and executive orders are affecting the Muslims, Arabs and South Asians in particular and the immigrant minorities in general.

 Bridging the gap between all communities

AMV is committed to bridge the gap between all communities and is trying to build the most beautiful diverse human wall of resistance and support one that can’t be shaken. Together we are making a difference.

 The AMV’s formal launching event was the best reflection of its achievement in building bridging with other communities. More than 30 civil rights and ethnic groups joined the launching dinner on of October 24, 2003 held in Newark, CA.

 The same solidarity was shown at the AMV event held on February 22nd to celebrate National Day of Solidarity with Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians.  Over a dozen Bay Area activists, representing their organizations, spoke from their heart about standing in solidarity with the targeted communities everywhere. AMV was hailed for its accomplishments.