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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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AMV Executive Director threatened
We must not and will not be silent

 If anyone needed more reminders of just what kind of repressive and hateful environment is building in this country, it came in the form of several e-mails to Samina Faheem Sundas, a courageous voice from the Muslim/South Asian community and founder of American Muslim Voice. Since 9-11, Samina has struggled tirelessly and righteously in gatherings large and small to denounce the round-ups, detentions, forced registrations, deportations, hate crimes and endless lies directed at Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities, while building friendships and ties among people across cultural, religious and social lines.
 This week several e-mails appeared on the list serve of United for Peace and Justice--one, a rabid, hateful diatribe against Muslims and Arabs, and the other, a very personal threat to Samina herself, the most chilling of which was that he knows where she lives. Samina runs a small family child care center out of her home. This was followed with many other angry messages. The particularities of the messages and the person behind them are not important here, but we are trying to find out more about him and what his connections may be. Steps are also being taken to inform local authorities about this racist threat, but in a real sense, whether the work of a lone lunatic or some organization, this reflects what is coming from the highest reaches of political power in this country.
There is a real and very dangerous trend under way in this country and it is gaining momentum. The trial and guilty verdict in the case of civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart, the persecution of Native American University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, and the attacks against Northeastern University professor Shahid Alam are the latest in a list of accelerating events whose aim is the crushing of dissent and opposition to the imperial ambitions of the Bush administration and the transforming of this society and, ultimately, this world, into a place that few of us would find tolerable to live in.
We, a few of the many friends and associates of Samina Faheem Sundas, have taken the step to put out this statement because these threats against her must be taken seriously and must be taken on and understood in the broader context. We face a huge challenge, to build a movement of resistance far broader and more determined than exists at this time. We understand that while there are dangers in speaking out, the far greater danger is pulling back or backing down. Samina has clearly expressed her determination to continue to speak out and struggle for a more just society and world and we stand with her. We’re resolved to use this attack to intensify our own efforts to speak out for her and with her.
 We are calling on others, individuals and organizations, to sign this statement as a show of determination to continue to speak out and act out against the forces coming down on the Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities and on dissent generally.

 To endorse this statement please click here to send an e-mail to amvoice@amuslimvoice.org

February 17, 2005

Endorsements & messages of support

The American Muslim Voice and Samina Faheem Sundas thanks all those who have expressed their solidarity and dedication to the cause of justice for all by endorsing this statement.

The endorsements are given here in the order as were received by the AMV.

I pray to Allah this finds you in the best of iman and health.  Please accept my sincere expression of support for what you are going through and it is a sure sign of the justness of your efforts.  Racist only need an excuse to express what is in them and it is not a surprise the level of hate directed at Muslims at this time and lead by major political and media figures across this country.  By safe and may Allah protect you as you continue to work for justice.

Dr. Hatem Bazian
17 Feb 2005

I would like to add my name to the statement. Samina, I/we support you
ALL the way!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ruth Obel-Jorgensen
California State University, Fresno
Social Work Graduate Student
17 Feb 2005

San Jose Food Not Bombs wishes to support the statement in support of Samina Faheem and against the senseless hatred and lies against her and others.

San Jose Food Not Bombs
17 Feb 2005

The Interfaith Freedom Foundation deplores the racist, bigoted email attacks against our sister Samina Faheem Sundas. All people of goodwill must work together for a society free of this kind of hate. One hopes that the police or other investigatory agencies will move against this latest attack, since it was clearly intended as a threat.

In the meantime, let us not pretend that Islamophobia is not real. It IS real, and it is being disseminated daily by the Religious Right, by hate radio, by the neoconservative foundations, Muslim-bashing columnists and extremists in government and on the political right. It is clearly aimed at creating an atmosphere of an enemy within, so that ultraconservative, authoritarian forces can undermine democratic institutions and consolidate their power.

Lawrence Swaim
Executive Director
Interfaith Freedom Foundation
18 Feb 2005

The Bay Area United Against War stands in solidarity with our sister, Samina Faheem Sundas against the racist and threatening attacks she has received over the internet. Read full statement

The Bay Area United Against War
18 Feb 2005

Muslim Voters of America stands against bigotry. Rightwing bigots must know that we will always stand against them and that we shall defeat them in this the most diverse country in the world.

Mujeeb R. Khan
Policy Co-ordinator
Muslim Voters of America
Chicago, IL.
18 Feb 2005

I endorse this statement of support for AMV and Samina.

 Harry Scott
Feb. 18, 2005

Please add my name to your list of those supporting Samina Faheem Sundas and signing onto the statement of solidarity.

Andrea Prichett
18 Feb 2005

I endorse your statement

Berl Jay Hubbell
18 Feb 2005

Please include my endorsement.

 Waheed Siddiqee
18 Feb 2005

I endorse the statement defendig Samina Faheem against racist threats which, I believe, are more indications of a trajectory toward fascism in this country.

Fred Hirsch,
Vice President,
Plumbers and Fitters Local 393,
San Jose, California.
18 Feb 2005

Click here to read more endorsements