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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dear friends:

 By God's grace and guidance, my mother Samina Faheem Sundas found in herself the strength, spirit and courage to take on His vision of restoring humanity in our world. Although the challenges are nothing short of daunting and the road to realizing that vision is fraught with disappointments and setbacks, I feel that God chose her specifically for such a mission. He must have known that she was strong enough to withstand all the challenges and find a way to rise above them and carry on.  I feel that He must have believed in her relentless desire to serve our nation through Him for He has put in her corner some of the finest activists to work with and some of the finest human beings who have also become her friends

 These fine people have been coming out of the woodwork since she first launched AMV a year ago. Most of her friends and family have not seen much of her since 9/11 but she was needed to fight injustice.  Although she built AMV on her personal funds in no way does she consider this organization hers alone. In fact, this grassroots organization is as much the heart of her and the AMV team members as it is the heart of fellow Americans who believe in the need to bridge the gap between communities. They have been supportive in every way imaginable since AMV's inception. It is this support that has helped bring AMV into the public awareness nationally as a bona fide organization fiercely determined to protect and preserve civil liberties, constitutional rights and justice for all.  

 Now she and her collaborators are ready to expand God's vision to you. AMV's goal has always been to bridge the gap between all communities. AMV continues to accomplish that by taking the interfaith dialog to the next step of forming genuine, sincere coalitions and forming lifelong friendships. Though seemingly lofty, this project has great potential for success in ensuring security, safety, peace and harmony in our country. However, this can only be achieved by getting to know each other and investing in each other. It is an investment that, with your support, can reap immeasurable and invaluable dividends for you and our generations to come.

 AMV urges you to help continue the crucial and rewarding work of  protecting and preserving  civil liberties, constitutional rights for all and bridging the gap between all communities. They need your help. Please help them carry forward God's vision of peace and humanity by donating generously.

 Please visit the AMV's website to learn more about their projects at www.amuslimvoice.org. please become a sponsor for AMV's first annual convention. Please call my mom at 650-387-1994 to invest in our future. Thanks.

Misbah Kyrene Faheem
Sept. 3, 2004 

PS: My daughter Misbah K. Faheem and my son Mohammad Saqib Faheem both are very supportive of my commitment to fight injustice. After graduating from University of Minnesota with French major and child psychology minor she gave me the best gift of my life, four years to do what ever I wanted to do. She is the reason I could dedicate all my time to do my work at American Muslim Alliance (AMA) as a national coordinator, managed a hot line during special registration 24/7 for a year and now trying to build AMV. She was the bread winner for us. She is planing to move back to Minnesota as soon as she find a job in her field.

Samina Faheem Sundas
Executive Director
American Muslim Voice