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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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AMV Team introductions

Adeel Iqbal

Adeel Iqbal works for the City of Fremont’s Planning Department. He is member of the UC Berkeley alumni.He is a youth leader for the Islamic Network Group (ING)

Asiya Iqbal

Asia Iqbal is a house maker. She is involved in many volunteer works including:

- Works as a Counselor in the Senior Peers Counseling program of the City of Fremont.
- Severs as a Community Ambassador in the Ambassador’s program for Seniors of the City of Fremont.
- She is a board member of SEMA, an organization dedicated to deal with domestic violence.
- She is a co-founder of the Muslim Support Network, dedicated to educate and help seniors.

Firdous Kamran

Firdus Kamran is a house maker.

- She is a board member of SEMA, an organization dedicated to deal with domestic violence.
- Severs as a Community Ambassador in the Ambassador’s program for Seniors of the City of Fremont.
- She serves as a volunteer for Nutrition Health Wellness program of the City of Fremont.
- She serves as a volunteer for Senior Help Line of the City of Fremont. The program provides health tips for seniors in four languages.

Farhan Zia Anwar

27 year old Farhan Zia Anwar, AMV Vice President Sacramento Chapter, graduated from California Farhan Anwar02State University Sacramento in 2000. He also works in Sacramento. His degree is in Business Administration. He is single and currently working for the State of California in Audit & recovery division of the State Board of Equalization. He was born in Woodland and still resides in Woodland. He is very active member of the community and  Vice Principal and  teacher at Woodland Mosque Sunday Islamic school.

Israa Beig

Hi, my name is Israa Beig and I’m a junior at Palo Alto High School. I am a 17-year-old Muslim Israa Beig-FAmerican whose roots come from Pakistan. Over my high school career, I have serviced many different communities, ethnicities, and group of people with different religious affiliations. My service has been to the people of all ages from children to seniors. Community service for me is an opportunity to give back to my community, and to inspire others to do the same. My high school offers a diverse amount of unique clubs that allows me to participate in community service in different ways. Recently, I have been working with two community service groups in particular which are the America Muslim Voice (AMV) and the Amigos de las AmÚricas (AMIGOS).

I am the youth event coordinator for the AMV, which allows me to bring new ideas to the table. In addition, this program helps me build cross-cultural understanding between different groups of people and communities. Furthermore, the AMV foundation has started a new project called the Muslim Women Leadership academy, which I am excited to be a part of.  Amigos is a service learning program that send both college and high school students abroad to learn through leadership, multi-cultural understanding and community service. I don’t know which country I will go to yet, but I’m excited to learn new lessons and values from people who live a completely different lifestyle than mine. I hope I can use this new experience to inspire others as well as create more community service projects when I come back.

Javaid Iqbal

Javaid Iqbal, President of AMV Sacramento Chapter, is a graduate from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan & University of Javaid IqbalCalifornia Davis.  By profession he is an “Agricultural Biologist” currently working with California Dept. of Food & Agriculture.

Javaid Iqbal has been an active member of the Sacramento community since 1999. He served as member board of directors, director of finance for "Muslim Mosque Association" of the historic downtown Sacramento mosque. He is member of board of directors of “Pakistan American Association of Sacramento” since 2008. He is married and blessed with three wonderful boys. 

Keith Evans

Keith Evans is an IT professional.

Khalid Saeed

Mr. Khalid Saeed has been an active member of the Woodland community since 1974.KSaeed05

He is a graduate of the California State University. By profession he is an Accountant by nature or choice he is a humanitarian. He had worked as an Accounting Officer for Yolo County office of education. Currently he is a self employed entrepreneur.

An active and supportive member of the Muslim Mosque/Islamic center of Woodland. He is past president of "Muslim Association of America"He served as member board of directors, director of administration and director of finance for "Muslim Mosque Association" of the historic downtown Sacramento mosque. He is member of board of directors of "The celebration of Abraham" Yolo County. He is also member of board of director and the secretary of ACLU Sacramento California chapter. Also he is a member of "Woodland Ecumenical Ministries".

Currently Mr Khalid is serving as the national president of the AMERICAN MUSLIM VOICE,  an advocacy  group dedicated to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all and to bridge the gap between all communities.

He has been a strong voice for the voiceless in Yolo county.

Khalid Saeed is married and has three wonderful children.

Mohamamd Usman Sadiq

Mohamamd Usman Sadiq, President of the AMV Chapter, Woodland, CA, wUsman_Sadiqas born in Pakistan and moved to United States at age 15 after completing his high school education. He grew up in a modest village near Faisalabad, Punjab. He has been living in and around Woodland, CA since arrival from back home where he attended Woodland High School and went on to get degree in Civil Engineering from California State University in 1999. 

He has been working in Sacramento for California Department of Transportation (aka CALTRANS) as Civil Engineer since graduation. Mohamamd Usman Sadiq  is an active member of Muslim Mosque Woodland, also volunteers as principal of Mosque Sunday school. He particularly enjoys teaching kids at Mosque Sunday School.

He is married and blessed with two wonderful children. 

Nadeem Abid Malik

Malik Nadeem Abid is a devoted community activist from Malik_Nadeem_Abid-FNew York  where he has been living since 1996. For over a decade, he has been  serving the entire South Asian Community of New York as a volunteer in  different capacities and on different project including community  empowerment, legal & immigration issues, family counseling,  healthcare education and youth activities etc. In the last decade, he  has created numerous job opportunities in the healthcare field  especially for the minorities. Malik has been instrumental in organizing several Peace Conferences inside United Nations, New York and The US  House of Representative on the Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. Malik has  been invited by the White House on different occasions to attend  meetings and advice the White House on issues relating to National  Security. He has been honored numerous times by different CBOs and NGOs  for his tireless community service.

Nosheen Khan

Nosheen Khan is recent graduate from the Chico State university.Nosheen copy She has a degree in information technology. She is currently working for an IT firm in Chico California as a consultant and travels all over the state. She has been a very active youth member of Pakistani American community .

She has been also very active in college and member of various Pakistani and Muslim groups and clubs.

Rabea Chaudhry

Rabea is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Muslim Mediators, Rabea_Chaudhry-Fa  community-based conflict resolution center.┬  She is also a non-profit  development consultant, associate editor of the online magazine  Altmuslimah, and a visual artist.┬  Rabea is a certified mediator, and  has a B.A. with Honors in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley and a  J.D. with a Critical Race Specialization from the UCLA School of Law.  Rabea's editorial and academic writings have appeared in "The National"  and the "UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law."┬  Her artwork has been displayed at the New Orleans African American Museum of Art and  the Levantine Cultural Center's Inside/Outside Gallery.

Syed Zafar Mohsin

Syed Zafar Mohsin has lived in Milpitas California for past 17 years with his wife and two Zafar mohsin copy-f02daughters. Syed has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Evansville, Indiana and currently works for an Internet company.

Syed has been involved with the local community since he moved to Milpitas. He was an active member in the construction of new playground at local school. He served on the board of his homeowners Association and was also an elected President. He was instrumental in starting a Neighborhood Watch program. He plays a key part in supporting Sunnyhills Neighborhood events.

Syed currently serves as vice-chair on the Milpitas Community Advisory Commission. He recently graduated from the SAFE/ CERT program to serve Milpitas resident in events of disaster. He also serves on the executive board of American Muslim Alliance. He is a member of Pakistan Association of San Francisco. Syed believes all politics starts at local level and the community should be actively involved to achieve common goals.

Talat Mahmood

Talat Mahmood is a businessman. He got master’s degree in Journalism and went into advertising and printing business. Currently he is working at a realtor. Talat Mahmood is involved in community service.

Wardah ChowdhryWarda-F

My name is Wardah Chowdhry. I am youth director of American Muslim Voice and a candidate of Muslim Women Leadership academy. I am a 17 year old American Muslim. I am originally from Pakistan and came to USA 6 months ago. I have been volunteering since I am here. I was in Los Angeles before and I was an after school tutor in an Elementary school.

Since I am in Palo Alto I have been volunteering with American Muslim Voice. I am also an outreach director. Originally our mission is to foster friendships among all Americans by bridging cultural and religious gaps. We also work towards protecting and preserving civil liberties and constitutional rights for ALL. I am working on this in my school too.

Yasmin VanyaYasmin Vanya

Yasmin Vanya, born in Rangoon, Burma, Graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with MS Computer Science. She is now working for Silicon Vally High Tech Firm in Software Management. She is a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of South Bay Islamic Association. Yasmin is also affiliated to the Burmese American Women Alliance and Burmese Muslim Association. Also works with the Burmese refugees in the Bay Area. Also supports democracy and freedom in her native land, Burma. Yasmin speaks Burmese, Japanese, Farsi, Urdu and some Chinese and Arabic. 

Zeya Mohsin

Zeya Mohsin has been a proud Milpitas citizen for the last 16 years.  She is an active Zeya Mohsinmember in her community.  As the vice president for the PTSA in Milpitas High school, Mohsin also served as the VP for the PTSA council North East region.  She is currently the VP for the oldest origination in Milpitas called Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association.  She is also the youth advisor and helps co-ordinate many youth events.  One of which is the annually, “Become an Artist Day,” funded by community foundation grant.      

In addition, Mohsin has served as the VP of Parks and Recreational Commission.  Currently, Mohsin serves on the Milpitas planning commission.  She was appointed by the City Council.  She plays a prominent role in overseeing all architectural development, involved in administration of the City Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Ordinance.  They review general plan amendments, environmental impact reports, tentative subdivision maps, and other special studies and reports.

Mohsin is also an active American Muslim Voice and serves on the executive board.  Her goal is to work in collaboration with local organizations to make a positive impact about America-Muslims.